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The Original You Can Play Guitar Lessons

© 1994 - 1995 Scott Morris

Volume 1 : The Basics

12 Download Chapters : 70 Minutes

In this Video lesson you will learn how to tune the guitar using the 5th fret tunning method. The names of all the notes, including the names of all the sharps and flats. How to read and write tablature. Easy to play beginner level chords.  Easy to play beginner level scales.  Easy to play beginner level octaves.  Easy to play beginner level blues, and beginner level walking bass lines.  A beginner level lead guitar scale that's easy to play.

And much more easy to learn and useful information that every guitarist should know, regardless of their current playing level. Created for the total beginner and designed to take you to the next level of advanced playing.


Volume 2 : Continuing The Basics

13 Download Chapters : 62 Minutes

Volume 2 will teach you all you'll ever need to know to begin learning most any rock, country, blues, metal or grunge song, teaching you the easy to play 5th chords (known as powerchords) that are used by all professional guitarist.

Also teaching you barre chords, including major, minor and minor 7th. These chords are also among the main choice of guitar chords used by professional's, as they sound fuller and thicker than easy beginner guitar chords, making you sound better as a guitar player.

Once you learn the information taught on this lesson, you will easily be able to play rhythm guitar to nearly any song that you've ever wanted to play.

This lesson will also introduce you to the most commonly used and most popular lead guitar scales that are used by all professional guitarist, showing you easy to play lead patterns and box shapes so that you can easily move up and down the neck of your guitar and start playing beginner to advanced level lead guitar solo's for nearly every style of music.

You'll also learn ascending & descending scales and runs, that are considered among the most valuable tools for all lead guitarist, including the major, and minor pentatonic scales used for country, rock, metal and blues lead guitar solo's.

Also taught are the important guitar techniques such as string bends, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills, vibrato and how to change keys, so that you can utilize your scale work when improvising and playing your favorite licks. This easy to learn lesson will advance you quickly to the next level of your playing, and have you playing rhythm and lead guitar to the songs you've always wanted to play.

Volume 3 : Scales & Theory

10 Download Chapters : 53 Minutes

Learning scales & theory is among the most important tools for all guitarist and songwriters. This in depth lesson teaches you what makes the guitar "tick". All taught using easy to learn explanations.

 Volume 3 includes chord formulas (the construcion of a chord), scale formulas (the construction of a scale)... The major scale, minor scale, harmonic minor scale, the gypsy scale, (the guitar scale that will allow you to obtain a "far eastern" sound), diminished scales & runs, the melodic minor scale, pentatonic minor & pentatonic major scales and runs (the actual scales used for country, rock and blues soloing) as well as scale exercises that will build strength and add speed to your playing.

These scales are the same scales that are used and played by Brent Mason, Joe Satriani, Kerry King, Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Dimebag, Ted Nugent, Carlos Santana, and all the guitar greats who play with knowledge and skill.

You will also learn the 7 modes of the major scale, Ionian, Dorian, Phyrgian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, and how to create your own harmony guitar parts such as the great players of Queensryche & Iron Maiden.

Complete with an "arpeggios" section that will teach you how to play guitar chords in single notes played as a lead guitar solo. Just like the ones played by Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Angelo Batio and many more.

These are the "must learn" guitar scales that are used by Brent Mason which are the very same guitar scales he uses to apply to the "Nashville Number System" for his Nashville Studio Recording Session's.

Learn the scales that are used by every pro guitarist from Billie Joe Armstrong, to Danny Gatton, Brad Paisley, Pat Metheny, Joe Pass, Andy Summers, Marty Friedman and all other professional guitarist and recording artist who are known as musician's who have mastered the guitar as an instrument. Whether you want to compose Classical Music, play Jazz Guitar, Shred Metal or become the hottest country player... this lesson will teach you the guitar scales that you'll need to know.


Volume 4 : Licks Trixs & Fingertapping Techniques

21 Download Chapters : 56 Minutes

This complete and easy to learn guitar lesson will show you how to get special effect type sounds from your current guitar, teaching you guitar tricks that produce special effect type sounds that are used by every great guitar player like Eddie Van Halen and Dimebag Darrel and all the rest, who became known for their ability to perfrom guitar tricks.

This lesson will teach you tricks such as how to get that "Dimebag Darrel" screaming whammy bar sound, including whammy bar dives using natural harmonics, and ghost bends, pick scrape, pick slide, and other tricks like how to bend beyond the nut so that you can make whammy bar sounds on any standard guitar that may not have a whammy bar!

This lesson also includes a special licks section that will teach you the best of lead guitar solo tricks in the styles of Angus Young, Jackyl, Randy Rhoads, Ratt and Van Halen.

Learn the guitar finger tapping and guitar whammy bar tricks used by all the guitar pro's.

Volume 4 also includes a very hot Special Studio Performance, by Scott, the author of the You Can Play Guitar Video Series... who demonstrates all of the guitar tricks and techniques that are taught in this very detailed lesson.


Volume 5 : Total Blues Guitar

12 Download Chapters : 40 Minutes

The Blues Guitar Video Lesson will teach you all of the basic - advanced elements that are used by all the blues guitar greats such as B.B. King, Johnny Lang, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters, Lightning Hopkins, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more...

This lesson teaches the scales that are used to play blues lead guitar, along with teaching blues intros (how to start a blues song) as well as blues endings that focus on how to add technique, style, and finesse to your blues endings using blues guitar 7th & 9th chords.

Teaches the basic blues rhythm, along with blues lead guitar scales Pentatonic Minor, Pentatonic Major, Blues Scale, as well as teaching each scale form as ascending and descending blues runs.

Complete with a special section that teaches 5 blues guitar licks using the scales and runs in combination that are taught in this very thorough and complete blues guitar instructional.

Filmed with close up shots of the frethand and pickhand to help you learn the easy way to play blues guitar.


Volume 6 : Best Of Metal Rock Guitar Styles

12 Download Chapters : 47 Minutes

This lesson is a combination of the "Best Of" rhythm and lead guitar licks, taken from the original Metal Rock Styles Lessons, teaching the playing styles and guitar techniques of each artist most popular and well known hits.

Learn the riffs, and rhythm techniques from Palm Muting, to Strumming and Powerchords as well as each artist combinations of lead guitar techniques hammer-on's, pull-off's, slides, string bends, vibrato and more.

Learn all of the best guitar rhythms, riffs and lead guitar solo licks by guitarist of Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page, Black Sabbath Guitarist - Tony Iommi, Slash of Guns-N-Roses/Velvet Revolver...

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth

Randy Rhoads - Original Ozzy Guitarist

And the guitar styles of James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica.

As part of this entire package, there IS NO... other lesson like this one, that teaches all of these great players playing styles, all taught on this power packed Video guitar lesson.

Additional Unreleased Lessons Coming Soon!

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