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Getting Your Guitar In Tune

Making sure that your guitar is in tune is the most
important thing about playing your guitar. No matter
how good a guitar players is, if he or she is not in 
tune, is simply wont sound good.

To get your guitar in tune right now, simply
use the free guitar tuner shown below.
Just click the button beneath the name of
each string and the tuner will provide
the actual sound of each string for you
to tune your guitar to a standard E tuning!

Here are some additional free guitar tuning resources that will allow you to tune to a standard tuning and other tunings as well such as an Eb (E flat) or a drop D tuning and more. You can get a free chromatic guitar tuner that also has a guitar chord chart finder and a metronome for you to practice your timing to from Legacy Systems. This free guitar tuner download is for those of you who use iPhones and you can download it directly to your iPhone and take it wherever you go.
Click here! for the Free Chromatic Guitar Tuner Download If you dont have an iPhone and would still like to get a free guitar tuner that you can download to your computer, then see the AP Guitar Tuner free download. Click here for the AP Guitar Tuner Free Download

Tips On Tuning By Ear A common method of tuning is known as the 5th fret tuning method.This is done by matching the sounds of the notes on the 5th fret, to each string below.If your starting from scratch, you'll need a way to get your large E string in proper tune. I often do this by tuning the large E to a song that starts with the open E string. As shown in the example below, the song Enter Sandman by Metallica. Starts with open E Actual Lick e :------------------------------------------------------ B :------------------------------------------------------ G :------------------------------------------------------ D :-------------------------------5---------------------- A :-----------------------------7-------7---------------- E :---0--------------------0--------6-5------------------ Just keep waiting for the open E to repeat itself, until you have tuned to proper pitch. This is just one songs of many that start with open E. I have listed some other songs that also start with open E below. The next step is to tune the open A string to the Note on the 5th fret (large E string) which is the note A. Match open A to the 5th fret large E string (A note) e :------------------------------------------------------ B :------------------------------------------------------ G :------------------------------------------------------ D :------------------------------------------------------ A :--0--------------------------------------------------- E :-------------------------------------------5---------- Next Step Match open D string to the 5th fret A string (D note) e :------------------------------------------------------ B :------------------------------------------------------ G :------------------------------------------------------ D :--0--------------------------------------------------- A :----------------------------------------------5------- E :------------------------------------------------------ Next Step Match open G string to the 5th fret D string (G note) e :------------------------------------------------------ B :------------------------------------------------------ G :--0--------------------------------------------------- D :---------------------------------------------5-------- A :------------------------------------------------------ E :------------------------------------------------------ Next Step Match the B string to the 4th fret G string (B note) e :------------------------------------------------------ B :--0--------------------------------------------------- G :-------------------------------------------4---------- D :------------------------------------------------------ A :------------------------------------------------------ E :------------------------------------------------------ Last Step Match the small E string to the 5th fret B string (E note) e :--0--------------------------------------------------- B :------------------------------------------5----------- G :------------------------------------------------------ D :------------------------------------------------------ A :------------------------------------------------------ E :------------------------------------------------------ Other Methods Of Tuning... There are many other methods of tuning. Some players who tune by ear, tune by using octaves, others use natural harmonics. The old fashioned methods of pitch pipes, tuning forks and tuning to a piano, are pretty much a part of the past. Nowdays musicians rely on electronic tuners for the best results. Advantages Of Tuning By Ear... It's best if you are recording a song, or playing a live gig to tune your guitar using an electronic tuner. However tuning by ear does have its advantages. Eventually your ear will become that much more familiar with the sound of each open string. The end results will be , that when trying to learn songs from CDs, that your ear will become developed and recognize the sounds of E, A, D, G, B, and high E. This will make it easier for you to have a place to start from when attempting to transcribe a song. Other Songs That Start With Open E include: Dirty Deeds by AC/DC Paranoid by Black Sabbath Pride n Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan Peace Sells by Megadeth
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