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As a courtesy to our visitors, we realize that not all guitarist and bass guitarist, are familiar with tablature writing programs. However, many of you can read and write tab. Which is why we have provided you with tab sheets that you can use to print out to keep track of your tabs. You can use these to tab your private lessons, or songs from your favorite artist or group, or your own original music. If You want to save on ink, and dont wish to print the entire page, simply highlight the tablature by left clicking your mouse, until the tablature is highlighted in blue. Then on your toolbar, click "copy". Then on your printer, choose "selection" which will allow you to copy only what you have highlited in blue. Choose any or all of the free tab sheets below.

Guitar Tab Sheets

Tab Sheets For Two Guitars

Guitar and Bass Tab Sheets

Bass Tab Sheets

Five String Bass Tab Sheets

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