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The Famous Surf Guitar Intro Lick

If you like the sounds of "surf guitar" this is a great place to begin. You can also check out Music &

You may have heard this lick from such artist as "The Ventures" to "Dick Dale" to the Taco Bell commercial. This lesson shows the beginning to many surf songs. The important techniques to obtain this sound are alternate picking (down,up,down,up, ect...) and palm muting. To get the basic idea, begin by palm muting (resting your palm on the large E string to "deaden" the sound) as you use altenate picking to go from the 19th fret to the open string (shown in example #1). If you have a whammy bar on your guitar, add a slight downward whammy bend, then releasing the whammy bar back to it's normal position on E minor and A minor chords as shown in examples 2&3. These are 2 of the most common chords used for surf guitar.
Example #1 e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-19-18-17-16-15--|-14-13-12-11-10--|-9-8-7-6-5-4-3---| Example #2 Example#3 E Minor Chord A Minor Chord e :-----------------|-0---------------|-0---------------| B :-----------------|-0---------------|-1---------------| G :-----------------|-0---------------|-2---------------| D :-----------------|-2---------------|-2---------------| A :-----------------|-2---------------|-0---------------| E :-2-1-0-----------|-0---------------|-----------------| More About Dick Dale & The Del-Tones... Surf Guitar Solo Tips Dick Dale of Dick Dale & The Del-Tones was credited for being the innovator of power guitar among surf guitarist in the early 1960's. One of his big hits "Misrilou" was featured years later as the main song on the movie soundtrack "Pulp Fiction". A main element that made his soloing stand out among the others, was his use of the Phrygian dominant scale along with the use of heavy reverb on his amplifier. The Phrygian dominant scale differs from the actual Phrygian mode by having a raised 3rd interval. Compare the difference between these 2 scales. E Phrygian Mode consist of the notes E,F,G,A,B,C,D,E as shown below in example #1. E Phrygian Dominant consist of the notes E F G#(G# is the raised 3rd interval), A,B,C,D,E as shown in example #2. Example #1 Example #2 Phrygian Mode Phrygian Dominant e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :-------------0-2-|--------------0-2|-----------------| A :-------0-2-3-----|--------0-2-3----|-----------------| E :-0-1-3-----------|-0-2-4-----------|-----------------| E F G A B C D E E F G# A B C D E Easy To Play Guitar Tab for Dick Dale's Misrilou Song Intro E Phrygian Dominant Exercise This is a basic outline for the intro guitar lick to the song "Misrilou" by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones. This is a simplified version that is easy for beginners. The actual version mainly consist of the same notes, which are however played much faster, and when first trying to learn in tab, is often somewhat confusing depending on a players current playing level (beginner-advanced). Misrilou Intro s e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-0-1-4-5-7-------|-7-12-8-7--------|-----------------| Dick Dale * Ghost Riders In The Sky Example #1 teaches the A minor scale in the open position, that was used to play surf songs like "Ghost Riders". Examples #2-5 teach the guitar scale E Phrygian dominant. This scale differs from E Phrygian by its raised 3rd interval. Example #6 provides the basic outline for Dick Dales classic version of "Ghost Riders". Example #1 Example #2 Example #3 A B C D E F G A E F G# A B C D E E F G# A B C e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :--------------0-2|-----------------|-----------------| D :-------0-2-3-----|--------------0-2|--------7-9-10---| A :-0-2-3-----------|--------0-2-3----|-7-8-11----------| E :-----------------|-0-1-4-----------|-----------------| Example #4 e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-7-9-------------|-7-9----7--------|-----------------| D :-----------------|-----10---9-10---|-7-9----7--------| A :-----------------|-----------------|-----11---8-11---| E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| Example #5 E F G# A B C D E e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A :-8-7-------------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-----------------|-0-1--4--5-7-8---|-10-12-----------| Example #6 All notes played using speed picking, with alternate picking, down, up, down, up, etc... e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|---2-------------| D :-----------------|---------0-2--2--|-2---2-0---------| A :---0-2-3-2-0---0-|---0-2-3----3----|---------3-0-----| E :-0-----------3---|-0---------------|-----------------| e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A :---3---0---------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-1---------------|-----------------|-----------------|
The History Of Dick Dale

Ventures * Pipeline Guitar Tab This song starts with the classic surf intro as taught above. Example #1 shows the main riff. Examples #2 - #7 are showing the main lead guitar licks. Example #1 Pick each note from the 19th fret to the 1st fret, using alternate picking and muting as you slide down fast to obtain the "authentic" surf guitar sound. s e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-19-19-19-19-----|-----------------|-1---------------| Example #2 Example #3 e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :-----------------|-----2---2-4-2---|---2---4-2-4-2---| A :---2---2---------|-2-5---5---------|-5---------------| E :-0---3-----------|-----------------|-----------------| Example #4 e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----2---2-4-2---|---2---4-2-4-2---| D :---2-------------|-2-5---5---------|-5---------------| A :-5---5-2---------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| Example #5 Example #6 e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :---2-------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :-5---5-2---------|-4------5--------|-----------------| A :-----------------|-2-(2)--3-(3)----|-2-2-2-0-2-0-2-0-| E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| Example #7 (back to Example #1) e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A :-000---0----0--0-|-----------------|-----------------| E :-----3----3---3--|-----------------|-----------------| Pipeline Part 2 e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :------------5----|----------------3|----------------1| G :-5--------5------|-7-5-4--------4--|-5-4-2--------2--| D :---7-7--7--------|-------5-5--5----|-------3-3--3----| A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-0--------------3|----------------5|----------------3| G :---2-4--------4--|-5-4-5--------5--|-7-5-4--------4--| D :-------5-5--5----|-------7-7--7----|-------5-5--5----| A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :----------------1|-0---------------|-----------------| G :-5-4-2--------2--|---2-1-----------|-----------------| D :-------2-2--3----|-----------------|-----------------| A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
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15 Classics from the King of the Surf Guitar.
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