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Teaching Students Worldwide
From 1986 - To 2014

Scott Morris
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Using Skype

Greetings Fellow Musicians,

Scott Morris, featured instructor of You Can Play Guitar
writing to you. 

I have been teaching private taught guitar lessons for
more than 35 years +. 

My instruction method "You Can Play Guitar" has earned
the high credentials of having earned a Billboard Top Rated

I am now offering the opportunity to 
a small select handful of students to learn how to play 
guitar and bass guitar, by using Live Online SKYPE Video 

All ages are welcome, and there's no previous experience
required as I teach children and adults at all playing levels
from the total beginner to the professional level of playing.

There's also no reading sheet music required.

I offer students a one on one learning experience, so that
it's exactly the same as taking private taught music lessons.

All students will receive additional FREE BONUSES which
will help you improve your playing ability to your maximum
playing potential, which include a Free Online Guitar Tuner,
Free Online Metronome, Free Guitar Jam Tracks & Bass Guitar
Jam Tracks for all music styles that are taught.

There's no having to travel several miles and pay for the
high price of gasoline to get to and from your scheduled
appointments, and you can learn in privacy right from
the comfort of your own home at a time that works best
for you.

An additional advantage is the money that you'll save by
learning the music style's of your choice, as taking private
taught music lessons is very costly. Not to mention the fact
that it's rare to find a music teacher who will actually
teach you what "you want to learn", and has the ability
and knowledge to do so.

I teach everything from total beginner easy to play guitar chords and easy to learn beginner songs, to the professional level of playing note-for-note songs, including all rhythm and lead guitar parts. Lessons are offered in the music styles of Blues, Rock, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Gospel, Country, Alternative... (Including how to play rhythm & lead guitar in a Drop D tuning), Heavy Metal, Funk, SKA, Reggae, Surf, Slide Guitar, Cajun Blues and I also teach Guitar Styles Lessons, so that you can learn the most common chords, scales and techniques of your favorite artist or group, along with teaching you their very most classic riffs & licks that recognized by everyone and also made them the stars they are today. The Guitar Styles that I specialize in teaching, are the playing styles of my music influences, along with the styles and techniques that I had to learn to either teach students, learn to play as a hired live performing stage musician with the several different bands I've performed with, as well as being a hired studio musician who's been asked questions like "Play me something that sounds like Jimmy Hendrix, or Zakk Wylde". Or Neil Young, Roy Clark, Van Halen and the list goes on... Free Sample Video Lesssons
These are sample videos are a combination of the original "You Can Play Guitar" video lessons along with new additional videos to help give you a more well rounded idea of everything that you can now learn by taking Skype webcam guitar lessons!
For The Total Beginner - The Basics
How To Read Tablature
Beginner Level Guitar Chords
Names Of The Guitar Notes
Names Of The Guitar Notes - Sharps and Flats
Beginner Blues in A
Continuing The Basics
Learn Rock Guitar Power Chords
Samples Of Songs Using Power Chords
Blues Rhythm Guitar In Closed Position
How To Change Major Barre Chords
Strumming Barre Chords Using Alternate Bass Notes
How To Play Lead Guitar In Octave Positions
A Penatonic Major & Minor Scale Combinations
4 Basic Elements Of Lead Guitar
More That You Can Learn...
Learn Professional Guitar Techniques Sample Lesson Videos
Ghost Bend Technique
Hammer-On Technique Video
Trill Technique Video
Learn Blues Guitar
Blues Intro Sample 1
Blues Intro Sample 2
Learn Blues Rhythm Guitar In C
Learn Blues Guitar C9 Chord
Blues Ending With C9 Chord
Learn Blues Guitar 7th Chords
Learn Blues Guitar Scales
How To Combine Major & Minor Scales
Learn Blues Lead Guitar Licks
Learn Guitar Styles
Metallica Style * Enter Sandman Intro
Black Sabbath Style * Iron Man Intro
Jimmy Page Style * Stairway To Heaven Solo Sample a
Jimmy Page Style * Stairway To Heaven Solo Sample b
Randy Rhoads Style * Crazy Train Intro
Randy's Live Guitar Solo * Diminished Guitar Arpeggio
Jimi Hendrix Style * Voodoo Child
Zakk Wylde Style * Purple Haze Intro Solo
Zakk Wylde Style * Purple Haze Lead Guitar Solo
David Gilmour Style with a touch of "Van Halen"

Guitar Styles Lessons are taught in the Styles of Angus Young * Jimmy Page * Slash * Eddie Van Halen Johnny Cash * Stevie Ray Vaughan * Roy Clark Randy Rhoads * Billy Joe Armstrong * James Hettfield * Kirk Hammet * Dave Mustaine * B.B. King * Tony Iommi Yngwie Malmssteen * Steve Vai * Joe Satriani Neil Young * Lenny Kravitz * Billy Gibbons and most every style by any major artist who's known famous for writing 1 or many number 1 hit songs. All students get to learn the music style offered of their choice!

Most music store lessons or private hired music teachers charge a minimum of $25.00 per half-hour lesson or $50.00 per-hour lesson. For students who are seriously devoted to learning how to play the guitar or bass guitar, I am willing to beat the average price and allow you the opportunity to learn the instrument of your choice, right from the privacy of your home. Learn Music Theory * Scales * Modes & Harmony
Aside from teaching all that's mentioned above, I also offer students the option to learn Total Music Theory, which includes: The Major Scale Formula * Chord & Arpeggios Formulas * Sweep Picking Arpeggios * The 7 Modes of the major scale... Ionian, Dorian, Phyrgian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian. How To Create Your Own Harmony Parts, and how to harmonize with other musician's... I'll also teach you All of the most common used scales from Blues Scales, Country Sales, Rock, Surf, Spanish & Mexican Scales, The Harmonic Minor Scale, The Hungarian Minor Scale, The Diminished Scale (scales for all music styles) and will also show you how to play each one as an ascending and descending run, and how to tie them all together by showing you which combinations of scales and runs are not only the most common, but also sound the best when being played in the correct combination's. The 7 Modes of The Major Scale
E Spanish Phrygian Mode
Learn Guitar Modes In Combinations
Learn Theory Of Harmony
Harmonic Minor Scale
Learn Major Arpeggios
Learn Minor Arpeggios
Learn The Harmonic Minor Scale
Which is the "key secret" to being able to create a guitar or bass guitar part to fit ANY style of music you choose or are asked to play by any band, or as a hired studio musician. Aside from also performing live television performances and interviews, I have written songs for major artists that received radio airplay for their hit songs, and have collaborated writing music articles with original Ozzy bassist "Bob Daisley" and also played in a full time working band called "Mozart's Ghost" with former Ted Nugent's drummer and co-producer "Cliff Davies", whom I've spent endless countless hours with as Cliff's fist choice of choosing a hired studio musician and live performer, as well as having the honor of being chosen as the guitarist for Cliff's Ted Nugent Tribute Band for a tour of Germany. Out of all that I mentioned above, there was never as much as 1 time when playing, recording or filming, that I wasn't asked to "Improvise" or "create my own guitar or bass part) that would actually fit perfectly to the music I was given to work on. This I will share with you and teach you during your lessons. Aside from learning the knowledge of your instrument and what "I "- among most all musician's consider to be the very most important thing to learn and know, is learning music theory (also known as guitar theory or bass guitar theory). This same theory can also be applied to other instruments such as keyboard's, piano, and band & orchestra instruments. I will teach you All scales and chords as well as how they relate to each other and how to create your own harmony parts to play for the songs you write, or when playing with other musicians. Improvising is the Very Most Important skill for any and all musician's to learn, so that you can play literally anything in any style of music and have the ability to easily and instantly make up your own solos, licks, riffs, and chord progressions. This will provide you with the confidence and knowledge that you're using the right chords and scales and having the ability to easily transpose or play what you improvise in any given key. For Bass Guitar Players

Bass Video Lessons are avaiable for any Bassist at any level. From very beginner to professional. From easy to learn bass riffs to advanced walking bass lines. Complete with a special section on bass guitar scales, inc- luding the pentatonic scales and diatonic scales, ascending and descending bass guitar runs. You will also learn how to build bass riffs, bass guitar soloing, the names of the notes, sharps & flats as well as octaves. Watch The Free Bass Video Lesson Samples Below Learn Bass Guitar Blues Riffs Video
Bass Guitar Scales Video
Learn Bass Guitar Modes Video
Learn Walking Bass Guitar Video
Learn Bass Guitar Arpeggios Video
Learn Bass Guitar Solos Video
Bass Guitar Syles Taught

Learn the very roots of the bass guitar as that covers all of the tools and elements that have been used by all the bass guitar greats from Jack Bruce, to Tommy Shannon of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Leon Wilkeson of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, Cliff Burton of Metallica, Chris Squire of Yes, Geddy Lee of Rush and all the bass guitar greats. Learn walking Bass Lines, Bass Scales & Modes, Bass Guitar Chords, Country Bass Guitar, Bass Guitar Blues Riffs, Metal & more. No matter what level you are currently at, beginner or advanced - You choose from the styles offered that you wish to learn. So, if you're interested in learning how to play the guitar or bass guitar, whether it's just for fun - playing some easy campfire songs, or if you want to play in a band, write your own songs or become a studio musician, I can help you reach the music goals of your choice.
How To Get Started & What You'll Need A Webcam A Free Skype Account Required - Complete The Student Questionnaire