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Bottleneck & Slide Guitar Lesson

The terms "Bottleneck" and "Slide are used to define a style of guitar playing in which the guitar strings are "stopped" by a metal or glass tube, which is most commonly worn on the ring or pinky finger of a guitarist frethand. The term "bottleneck" is most commonly referred to as a "glass" where as the term "slide" is most commonly referred to as "metal". The terminology of the name "bottleneck" came from the earliest slides, being made from the broken off necks of beer bottles. The early slide innovators used the slide as a tool to duplicate the human voice. It is common for guitarist to be creative and use everything from a Bic lighter, to a beer bottle, a shot glass and other self created tools that may also be used to play slide guitar. Newer versions of slide's would include double plated brass, chrome steel, pyrex glass, porcelain, ceramic, and aluminum. Slide guitar was originated and developed in America around the Mississippi Delta, and was played most commonly among the early black blues greats such as Mississippi Fred McDowell, Big Joe Williams, Blind Lemmon Jefferson, Blind Willie McTell, Blind Boy Fuller, Charley Patton, Leadbelly, and the man known as "The man who went down to the crossroads" : Robert Johnson. These players had created a foundation that brought a second generation of great slide players such as Muddy Waters and Elmore James, who had introduced blues slide guitar into the electric blues guitar era. This second generation were also followed by a third generation of slide guitarist such as Rod Price (guitarist of Foghat), Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Dickie Betts, Johnny Winter, Ry Cooder, and the late Rory Gallagher and is now being followed by many new generations of todays modern guitarist. How To Use A Slide Although it is easy to make or create your own slide as was mentioned above, it's recommended for "best sound" and "easiest playing" to purchase from the slides that are available that are offered from various music stores. If you have never played slide, or at new at playing slide and arent quite sure what to get, it is recommended that you try a few to see what you prefer as glass slides do make a different sound than metal or other slides. Another thing to consider, is which finger to wear ths slide on. The advantage of wearing a slide on the pinky finger is that it leaves the other 3 fingers open to play chords. To use the slide, simply let the slide rest on your finger of choice. Do not "push down" to "fret" the sounds of the notes you play. Instead, rather when you play, let the slide "glide" or "float" across the strings. As you play, the slide should come to rest directly over the frets, , not slightly behind them. Best Choice Of Guitars For Playing Slide Guitars that have high action (where the strings are higher off the neck of the guitar) are most recommended. This will reduce the risk of any unwanted "fret buzz". Commonly Asked Question Q: How do I know "what to play" or "what can I play using a slide? A: The possibilties are basically endless. Many slide players choose to use "open tunings" and or "drop tunings" which you can read about in the Open Guitar Tunings Lesson below.
Open Guitar Tunings
It's often recommended that if you are just learning slide, and wish to apply some basic blues essentials, that you begin with the pentatonic scales. You will find some examples of this in part 2 of this lesson.
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