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Next Level Guitar

David Taubs guitar method "Next Level Guitar" has earned our number 1 rating 
guitar lesson review.
The DVD Guitar Lessons
DVD Guitar Lessons are offered on Blues, Rock, Acoustic Guitar Techniques, Explaining Tablature and Chord Charts, Solo Techniques for Strength and Dexterity, Slide Guitar Lessons, Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar and Rock Jam Tracks that you can practice to and play along with that are of the highest quality and are nearly like jamming with your own band, which will have you playing professionally as quickly as you possibly can. All DVD lessons are taught using superior high quality footage using split screen images that zoom in on close up hand shots, demonstrating each pick hand and fret hand movement, making it easy for you to see "exactly" what you're learning to play.

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Additional Lessons
Aside from offering you top quality DVD guitar instruction available that teaches all levels of guitar from total beginner to advanced, also offered for an affordable price, you can have access to your own virtual guitar teacher and work at your pace and progress to the Next Level of Guitar proficiency in the comfort of your own home.
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Guitar Tablature & Chord Charts

By Next Level Guitar

Learn 30 Plus Note For Note Guitar Songs!

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26 Songs DVD Bundle

Along with all of the quality DVD Guitar Lessons and additional lessons that have been mentioned so far, we found the "Note for Note" DVD guitar songs lessons to be among the best. How many guitar players will learn to play guitar chords or scales, but will never really learn an entire song all the way through, or will never learn how to play a song "note for note?" David Taub from Next Level Guitar and his expert team of guitar instructors, bring you their unique teaching techniques to you in Full Screen DVD format. They break down popular songs and make them simple and fun. With a little practice you can be playing the hits you love just like on the radio. The "Note for Note" songs lessons are taught in complete two-hour DVD's, that break down and explain Next Levels easy to digest format to the all time best classic song's that have ever been played on the guitar. Along with the song lessons you also get special bonus technique lessons. So you not only get to learn all the parts of the song, but you also get full guitar technique lessons explaining the necessary techniques to play the song. You can then take the techniques that you learn and adapt them to your overall playing, making you a much better and well rounded educated guitarist. The song lessons teach ALL the song parts including ...intro, verses, rhythms, timing, strumming and strum patterns, embellishments, licks, full guitar solo, and more. All of the note for note songs lessons are broken down and explained and fully demonstrated at slow speed and regular speed, teaching each section into easy digestible parts that will get you playing and rocking out in the fastest and most efficient manner, taking each songs sections one at a time broken down into smaller sections, explaining every piece, and then showing you how to tie everything together, while also providing you with on screen text, and multiple camera angles, picture-in-picture, and close ups of the neck and fret hand to make these lessons even easier and more fun to learn. If you've always wanted to play in a band and get paid as a full time working professional musician, here's your chance. Most cover bands play 4 - 45 minute sets of music that consist from 30 to 40 songs, depending on the length of each song. There's enough material covered here, that you could easily be playing gigs and getting paid in no time! Whether you want to learn these songs just for fun, or play professionally and get paid full time for a living as a professional musician, Next Level Guitar has made that possible for you. Here is a complete list of songs that you can learn from Next Level Guitar: 1. All Right Now Video Guitar Lesson
2. American Pie Video Guitar Lesson
3. Barracuda Video Guitar Lesson
4. Black Magic Woman Video Guitar Lesson
5. Breadfan Video Guitar Lesson
6. Bring It On Home Video Guitar Lesson
7. Carry On Wayward Son Video Guitar Lesson
8. Coldshot Video Guitar Lesson
9. Detroit Rock City Video Guitar Lesson
10. Don't Want To Miss A Thing Video Guitar Lesson
11. Dust In The Wind Video Guitar Lesson
12. Freebird Video Guitar Lesson
13. Give Me Three Steps Video Guitar Lesson
14. Have You Ever Seen The Rain Video Guitar Lesson
15. Hallelujah Video Guitar Lesson
16. Hey Joe Video Guitar Lesson
17. Hit Me With Your Best Shot Video Guitar Lesson
18. House Of The Rising Sun Video Guitar Lesson
19. LaGrange Video Guitar Lesson
20. Last Kiss Video Guitar Lesson
21. Living After Midnight Video Guitar Lesson
22. Misery Business Video Guitar Lesson
23. More Than A Feeling Video Guitar Lesson
24. More Than Words Video Guitar Lesson
25. One Burbon One Shot One Beer Video Guitar Lesson
26. Peaceful Easy Feeling Video Guitar Lesson
27. Santeria Video Guitar Lesson
28. Simple Man Video Guitar Lesson
29. Smoke On The Water Video Guitar Lesson
30. Sweet Home Alabama Video Guitar Lesson
31. The Sky Is Crying Video Guitar Lesson
32. Twist and Shout Video Guitar Lesson
33. You Really Got Me Video Guitar Lesson
34. You Shook Me Video Guitar Lesson

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Out of all the guitar lessons that we have endorsed and reviewed that have earned a 5 star rating, if we could have given an even higer rating, we would have given David Taub's method "Next Level Guitar" a 10 star. These lessons are surely our number 1 recommendation for anyone who is interested in learning to play all of the most common popular music styles and for learning note for note songs on the guitar. Next Level Guitar has earned our very top recommendation by the You Can Play Guitar Music Staff. Highly recommended.
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