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Mexican Guitar & Spanish Guitar Chords & Scales Lesson

Mexican Guitar Solo
Much of Mexican guitar music is based upon the foundation of minor scales and modes which may include the Phrygian mode, Dominant Phrygian mode, and the Harmonic minor scale, often played in combination. This example of how to play mexican guitar music (example #1) demonstrates this peice played in the key of B, using the 3 basic chords B,C and D which are often commonly played in accompaniment with the Dominant Phrygian mode. Example 2 demonstrates this mexican guitar solo is derived and played from B Phrygian mode which is based upon a descending scale ladder form. Example #1 s B B B C D C B C B e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-7--7-7--8-------|-10--8-----------|-7-8---7---------| G :-8--8-8--9-------|-11--9-----------|-8-9---8---------| D :-9--9-9--10------|-12--10----------|-9-10--9---------| A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| Example #2 h h p e :-7----7--7--7-8--|-10-8-7-8--7-----|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| e :-7-8----7--------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----10---8-10---|-7-8---7---------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----9---7-9-----|----7------------| D :-----------------|-----------------|-10---9-10--7-9--| A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| h e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D :----7------------|-----------------|-----------------| A :-10---9--10-7-9--|----7------------|-----------------| E :-----------------|-10---10-8-------|-7-8--7----------|
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