How To Become A Guitar Teacher
How To Teach Guitar

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Guitar Teaching Article

Becoming A Guitar Teacher

This article has been specially created for musician's who are interested in learning how to teach guitar lessons. Teaching guitar can be fun and also profitable. It can also become a full time job that may require many hours of hard work and research as well as investments, depending on your overall goal to become a guitar teacher. Topics and ideas discussed will include what you will need to know as a beginner-professional guitar instructor and will need to offer your students to have a successful guitar teaching program.

Teaching Most Students In General

Most all guitar players will have the same or similiar questions, on topics such as how to play songs, how to play guitar chords, and scales, others will want to learn note for note solo's by their favorite artist or group. Most students will have questions on guitar repair & maintenance, how to string and tune a guitar, what guitar equipment to use for the best sound they are trying to achieve. This may include questions such as how to form a band, including what songs to play, how to write and record originals, how to copyright songs, what to use for stage and studio gear, and many other important questions that may relate to todays vast growing music industry. Unless you are a trained professional musician with many years of teaching experience, not to mention live stage and studio performances playing with bands or other entertaiment related services, chances are that you'll be stumped on these questions time and time again and be stuck searching for answers to provide to your students and give them the best possible information to suite their music endeavors, ... achievments and goals. That's why is most important as a music teacher to be able to provide all of the right "Referrence's". As a music teacher, that will be your key word, and the most help you can offer to students in search of answers. Over 75% of teaching the guitar will be based upon you providing answers for your students. Wether it be referring them to a free online resource to easy to learn guitar chords and diagrams, or directing them to sheet music, books, videos and DVD lessons, in addition to what you teach them during your private taught guitar lesson program. It's also a good idea for you as a teacher to invest into your career, and learn as much as you can so that you are able to help to the best of your ability. This may mean buying a few or possibly many instructional methods of your own, and may even require that you take a few lessons yourself from a qualified guitar teacher who may teach or specialize in teaching certain playing styles or theory.

Discovering Your Students Goals

As you will discover, it will be more than obvious that it's rare to find any 2 students who have the exact same goal. That's why it's a good idea to create and offer a student questionare, asking them of their goals and acheivments. This will also help you as a teacher become organized and prepare for each students needs. Ask questions.

Teaching Guitar Classes vs. Private Lessons

This is a simple conclusion based upon common sense. Students taught in guitar classes do not receive the one on one attention that can be provided during a private lesson. Although you could easily make more income by teaching 20 students at a time, chances are that you'll have better results with your students progress as guitarist as they develop into musician's from the beginner-advanced stages by offering them a one on one private taught guitar lesson program. By offering them such a quality program that offers one on one undivided attention, chances are that you as a guitar teacher will have better results with your teaching program. Once established, a good guitar instructor that offers such a program, depending on location, will never have to "look" for students. Chances are that you'll end up with more students than you can attend to or teach yourself. Some good advice would be to know of or find a secondary guitar instructor to help get them started, while they are placed on your waiting list to receive the quality instruction that they seek in the longrun, from you!

Have A Basic Teaching Outline

It's best no matter what level of students that you teach to have a basic outline or program that you follow like the You Can Play Guitar Instructional Series. This will allow you to stay in tact, and teach accordingly step by step, regardless of the students current playing level or ability.
What's Best To Teach Beginner Guitar Students

When teaching beginner level student's, it really pays off to stop and think back at the first time when you picked up a guitar as well as your first few guitar lessons. Make notes of what you enjoyed the most. What you could do, or what your instructor could have done to make things different, more enjoyable, exciting, and fun to learn. It's best to provide beginners with inspiration, teaching them something simple, easy and fun to play. Common tools to teach beginners are basic easy guitar chords in the open position, like G,C,D A,E (major and minor chords) as well as how to properly hold the pick and frethand on the neck, as well as a few basic strumming techniques.
And of course, if you're going to teach guitar to others, then you're going to want to learn all there is to know about playing all the fundamentals. You'll need to know proper sturmming and picking technique, and the most common chords & scales to share with your students. For this we recommend the following product by Legacy Learning Systems.

Home School Guitar Lessons
Home School Guitar Learning System
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This is a complete guitar award-winning guitar course that can teach you guitar from scratch right in the privacy of your own home, while laying out a foundation that you can use to teach others how to play the guitar.

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