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The Gypsy Scale

This lesson explores the use of the Harmonic Minor Scale
also referred to as the "Gypsy Scale". This scale differs 
from the Natural Minor scale, by having a raised 7th interval 
(note). Compare below. Shown are the intervals, beneath the 
names of each note.
   Natural or pure   Harmonic Minor

G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
D :-------------5-7-|-------------6--7|-----------------|
A :-------5-7-8-----|-------5-7-8-----|-----------------|
E :-5-7-8-----------|-5-7-8-----------|-----------------|
    A B C D E F G A   A B C D E F G# A
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   1 2 3 4 5 6 7  8

This example demonstrates the Harmonic Minor Ascending Run
in a 2 octave pattern.
G :-----------------|------7-9-10-13--|-14--------------|
D :-------------6-7-|-9-10------------|-----------------|
A :-------5-7-8-----|-----------------|-----------------|
E :-5-7-8-----------|-----------------|-----------------|
    A B C D E F G# A  B C  D E  F  G#    A

               Developing Fast Fingers

Adding techniques is one way to gain speed to your existing 
scales. This can save you time with your pickhand while you 
develop strength and quickness in your frethand. 

Begin by picking only the first note on each string, then
using your frethand fingers to perform the techniques to 
produce the sound of the following notes. 
The techniques shown top(h=hammer-on, s=slide)
Try using the recommended frethand fingerings shown below.

     h h   h h         s h h    h h       s
G :-----------------|----------7-9-10-|-13-14-----------|
D :-----------------|-6-7-9-10--------|-----------------|
A :-------5-7-8-----|-----------------|-----------------|
E :-5-7-8-----------|-----------------|-----------------|
    i r p i r p       i i r p   i r p   r   r

               Obtaining A Classical Sound

A good way to obtain a "classical sound" is to play scales
in triplets, in ascending 3rds. Basically this means playing
each note 3 times (alternate picking recommended:down,up,down)
starting by playing the first note of the scale to the third
note of the scale as shown below.
G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
A :-----------------|-------5-5-5-----|------7-7-7------|
E :-5-5-5--8-8-8----|-7-7-7-----------|-8-8-8-----------|

G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
D :-----------------|--------6-6-6----|-7---------------|
A :-5-5-5--8-8-8----|-7-7-7-----------|-----------------|
E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|

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