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Scott Morris Guitar Lesson Teaching Method
And Bass Guitar Teaching Method

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As I am a complete novice, I thought I would never 
be able to pick up reading tabs. However, the way Scott 
explains it in the video, it is impossible not to understand. 
I have now set my sights higher and I'm trying to master all 
the different scales. Also, having the video lessons make them 
very easy to use on my plasma. No more watching on youtube! 
My hands are quite crampy, but it is too much fun to 
Michelle P.

I was skeptikal when I saw this course because I wanted to learn how to play country lead guitar, but just by learning a few of the pentatonic scales and how Scott explained them, I'm now playing all the country leads I allways wanted to play, plus a ton of great blues and rock songs. These lessons are so easy to learn that even my five year old son is watching and learning and now we jam together. I tried all of the other lessons that I could find, but these are the only ones I could actually learn from because of the easy way Scott teaches these lessons. I wanted to tell you thank you for all the difference you made in my guitar playing. This course is the best of it's kind. Ron Cash & Son Ricky

I can't believe this great guitar course. It is far better than any of the others that I tried. Besides having the easiest to learn explanations that made learning the guitar easy for me, the most important thing to me that I was amazed by, was being able to get help when I needed it most. When I had a question on guitar scales, I emailed Scott Morris and he actually took the time to send me a detailed personal reply and explanation that answered my question's and he also took the time to give me some extra examples that really helped me out. This course is the very best of it's kind and the service offered is truely amazing. Jon Randusky - Alberta Canada

What can I say? I allready knew the basic chords and a few scales, but these lessons showed me all I had missed along the way. Guitar teacher Scott Morris has the best lessons anyone can buy. I now know complete guitar theory and am actually being paid to play as a studio musician and assist writing songs for many new artist who will soon have debut albums and be featured on MTV. I went from the guy who allways wanted to do this, to the guy who is. David L. Johagasen

After trying most of the other guitar lessons online that you can buy I was about to give up making any real progress trying to get out of the beginner level until I came across these lessons. I have never learned from a guitar course that offered such a well rounded education of all of the main music styles. I bought the special offer less than 9 months ago and aside from learning all of my favorite old school guitar licks and chops by Sabbath and Zeppelin now I can even improvise a lead to just about anything someone tosses at me. And although I dont care much about classical music, I decided to apply the guitar theory that was taught in these lessons and see what I could come up with. Now my freinds tell me I should pursue a carreer in classical guitar. In the meantime ...I'm having fun showing off playing all the great Van Halen - Steve Vai style guitar tricks I learned. This course is truely amazing. Jeff Anderson

"Just got the lessons! Lesson 2,3, and 4 are just awesome! It's so simple to understand. I am so glad I stumbled on to this site. Scott, you're awsome. You don't skip a thing. These are by far the best guitar lesson I have ever seen!" Try O

"Your Volume 2 Lesson was the easiest lesson I have ever learned and was very easy to understand. When I decided to buy your course and I went from never having a lesson in my life, to now playing rhythm guitar in a band in just 6 weeks. Thanks you so much for offering such a quality and easy to learn guitar teaching method." Robert Cannon

"I ordered the guitar videos. They are every bit as good as the brochure said they were. That's why I thought any additional instruction books/videos/tapes by Scott Morris would be nice to have. It's hard to find really good instruction and I have limited time (and an erratic schedule) so I'm glad I found these videos." Henry W

"You have the best product on the market. You can tear a song down to a scale and teach it from a basic viewpoint like nobody else.I really like these tapes. The format Scott uses to teach is great. I guess if there is a down side it has let me know how bad my current instructor is. After buying countless books, DVD's and private lessons I consider your products the best value available.Your tapes have me totally addicted to playing guitar. My fingers are killing me! In a good way, if you know what I mean." Gary G

The Best of Metal Styles lesson was incredible. That video made my guitar more than just a decoration in my room as it had been. Sincerely, Andrew Keenan

Hey Scott, I got the lesson videos. By the way, within the first 15 minutes or so, every question I have had on modes were answered. It was amazing how much of a difference seeing it done, trueley made. Thanks, Wayne McKinney

Thank you much for your response. This is really an amazing response time. First reading the testimonial and now actually seeing the performance. Please feel free to use this as a testimony. I have been really pleased with your service and response, in the pre/post sales process. Thanks for such great customer support. Sach

Even though I'm a beginner, this lesson made learning so easy for me I couldn't believe it. Learning to read tablature was easy the way you explained it, and I am now learning every tab on the net. I can't thank teacher Scott Morris enough for making these very videos. Tony Ingham

I think your site is great. A friend of mine started to teach me how to play and now I'm hooked, but I had forgotten some of the basics. I looked on several sites but couldn't understand a thing then I found your page and its extremely easy to understand. I just wanted to say good job and thanx. Crystal

Scott Morris is a unique and skilled teacher, blessed with both an uncommon musical talent and a patient instructional method that will prove useful to any student of the guitar, regardless of their skill level. Nigel Strong Lead Guitarist: Fast Eddie

I just thought i'd like to say that your site is awesome. I just got two semi-crappy guitars and an amp to start playing, and I came to your site a while back to see stuff, so i revisited. Reading some of the free lessons I've learned more than people with guitar teachers know withing a few weeks, and only in 3 days. Your site is great. Thanks for putting it up. Keith W.

Thank you again and don't stop developing your web site that is very very interesting as usefull to play. Best Regards Silvio

"I spent a lotta time trying to find a site that just gives me what I want to see and your's is the best!" thanks David W.

Thank you so much for those videos. I learned so much. I watched volume 1 and 2 and memorized everything. I am now on volume 3. The seven modes of C major are a little bit tricky but give my a day or two and I'll have them memorized." Arthur

I have been playing guitar on & off for nearly 12 years. During the course of that time I mainly played rhythm while struggling to learn the actual lead techniques that would allow me to play "any" lead guitar. Well, when I found your site, I began with the free lessons. After searching the internet for years and visiting and revisiting nearly all the guitar sites, it didnt take me long to realize that you offer the same information (and a whole lot more) than the other websites make you pay money for from the very first lesson. Please keep in mind that I have tried to learn from all of the other "famous" video courses and books. But after learning your free lessons, I decided to take a chance so I could get the beginner lead guitar video primer Volume 2, You Can Play Guitar. I can never stress enough to anyone just how good of a teacher you are, and how simple your explanations are. And I cant belive how fast you always have answered my e-mails. Always the same day. Incredible! It only took me one hour a day for one week before I began playing lead, and I am now in a full time working band getting paid as the full time lead guitarist. I am so very thankful that a course like this exist. And it continues to amaze me even more that you continue to keep adding the best free lessons, and most accurate tabs with easy to learn explanations, as you make any song wether its a simple rhythm or intriguing lead solo, so easy to learn and understand. Your teaching method truely is one of a kind. I highly recommend it to any guitarist who will only know what they are missing, until they are done wasting their valuable practice time elsewhere, as this is the place to be and your teaching method is the very best available. Please Keep It Up! & Thanks! Victoria Vixen Lead Guitarist: Rox Addicts

I just wanted to thank you for providing such an easy to learn guitar method that teaches the easy way to play guitar. I paid for over 3 years of private guitar lessons for my son, who was taught by some of the finest instructors, as well as bought all of the other recommended video and DVD lessons, yet he never seemed to "catch on". After giving him your learning course as a Christmas gift, and now only 2 months later, he is now playing in his first band. These results were amazing, and we can't thank you enough. Robert & Cindy Pritchard

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