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Funk Guitar is found in many muysic styles from Rock, Blues, Disco, Hip-Hop and Rap. This lesson is an introduction to the playing style of Funk Guitar. Funk Guitar Chords Here are some of the more common guitar chords that are used for playing "Funk Guitar". Some of the most effective funk guitar work is done with as few notes as possible. The old saying or rule of thumb is applied here, which is: "It doesnt have to be hard to be good". Artist from Prince to Wild Cherry, Andy Summers of "The Police", the Edge and bands like "The Fixx" are well recognized for their use of playing funk guitar chords. These chords sound different when played in different octaves and different keys, so it's a good idea to move the chord patterns around and experiment with their sound as well as the additional sound that may be added by the use of special effects like delay, chours, flanger, wah, and phaser guitar effects pedals. These funk guitar chords are all taught and played in the key of E. roote notes indicated by * 7th 7sus4 alternate 7th m7 6th e :*12----*12------*12-----------*12----*12---------| B :-15-----15-------15------------15-----14---------| G :--------14-------13------------12----------------| D :-------------------------------------------------| A :-------------------------------------------------| E :-------------------------------------------------| m6 9th(barre chord) 7th (barre chord) e :-*12-------9-----------------10------------------| B :--14-------9-----------------9-------------------| G :--12-------9-----------------9-------------------| D :-----------8-----------------9-------------------| A :----------*7----------------*7-------------------| E :-------------------------------------------------| Funk Guitar Strumming Patterns Here is a basic common guitar strumming pattern used to play funk guitar, much of which relies on alternate picking (down, up) indicated by d=downstroke, u=upstroke. This basic outline will help you get started and provide a basic idea. Trying these strums at different tempo's is also a good practice method. Exercise #1 Note the symbol x=muted or muffled strings 7sus4 d d d u u u d e :-12--12---x--12-12-----12--12--------------------| B :-15--15---x--15-15-----15--15--------------------| G :-14--14---x--14-14-----14--14--------------------| D :-------------------------------------------------| A :-------------------------------------------------| E :-------------------------------------------------| alternate 7th d d d u u u d e :-12--12---x--12-12-----12--12--------------------| B :-15--15---x--15-15-----15--15--------------------| G :-13--13---x--13-13-----13--13--------------------| D :-------------------------------------------------| A :-------------------------------------------------| E :-------------------------------------------------| Funk Guitar Soloing Tips It's most common for many funk guitar players to use the "pentatonic" or "blues" scales & runs for funk guitar soloing, as these scales provide a "bluesy" sound and add a feeling of "soul", when combined, make a good choice for improvising a lead guitar solo when playing funk lead guitar. See Solofire 6 DVD - Lead Guitar Course
by Steve Stine

Music Theory Made Easy For Guitar
by Steve Stine

Funk Guitar Licks Here are a few basic funk guitar licks to help give you an idea of where to add the lead guitar technique's (such as hammer-on, pull-off, string bend, slide, etc...) to the scale's to begin improvising your own funk guitar lead solo. These licks sound best when enhanced by using the wah pedal. Guitar Lick #1 f.v. f.rel f v e :-----------------------15-----15-----------------| B :-15-------15-------12----------------------------| G :-------------------------------------------------| D :-------------------------------------------------| A :-------------------------------------------------| E :-------------------------------------------------| Guitar Lick #2 f p s p v e :--------12---------------------------------------| B :-----12-----15-12-----12-------------------------| G :-14---------------15-----15-14-12-----14-----14--| D :----------------------------------14-----14------| A :-------------------------------------------------| E :-------------------------------------------------| p p p s p.b v e :-------------------------------------------------| B :-------------------------------------------------| G :-9-7---------------------------------------------| D :-----9-8-7-5---7---5-----------------------------| A :----------------------7--------------------------| E :-------------------------------------------------| Guitar Lick #3 (Played as a lead guitar pattern) play 6x........... end f p v e :-----12------------------------------------------| B :-15-------15-12-------------------15-------------| G :-------------------------------------------------| D :-------------------------------------------------| A :-------------------------------------------------| E :-------------------------------------------------|
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