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These are sample video clips from Scott's easy to learn teaching method, that is now all available for you to learn as a Private Taught Guitar Student Online, when you become Scott's Private Taught Online SKYPE Video Student, Or you can choose to learn any music style that's offered of your choice..
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How To Read Guitar Tablature

The Names Of The Guitar Notes

Names Of The Guitar Notes Sharp & Flat

Ghost Bend Technique

Hammer-On Technique Video

Trill Technique Video

Most Common Blues Guitar Rhythm

Guitar Power Chords

Black Sabbath Style Guitar Lesson Video

Pentatonic Guitar Scales & Runs

E Spanish Phrygian Mode

Harmonic Minor Guitar Scale

The Theory Of Guitar Harmony Video

Easy Guitar Trick Video

Van Halen Finger Tapping Video

Natural Harmonics Guitar Trick Video

Randy Rhoads Style Guitar Trick Video

Metallica Style Finger Tapping Guitar Trick

Traditional Blues Guitar Intro

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Sample Video Lessons

Black Sabbath Style
Iron Man Intro

Black Sabbath Style
Electric Funeral Intro

Black Sabbath Style
Fairies Wear Boots

Guns-n-Roses Style Video
Sweet Chile O' Mine

Jimmy Page Style

Jimmy Page Style
Lemon Song Guitar Trick

Jimmy Page Style
No Quarter

Jimmy Page Style
Stairway To Heaven Intro Lead Guitar Solo Lick

Jimmy Page Style
Stairway To Heaven Ending Lead Guitar Solo Lick

Megadeth Style Video
Anarchy Lead Guitar Lick

Metallica Style Video
Seek And Destroy Lead Guitar Intro

Metallica Style Video
Enter Sandman Lead Guitar Intro

Metallica Style
Enter Sandman Main Guitar Riff

Randy Rhoads Style
Crazy Train Lead Guitar Intro

Randy's Live Guitar Solo Diminished Guitar Arpeggio

Randy Rhoads Style Video
Flying High Again
Fingertapping Guitar Arpeggios

Randy Rhoads Style Video
Mr. Crowley Main Chord Progression

Randy Rhoads Style Video
Mr. Crowley Lead Guitar Solo Arpeggios

Free Video Sample 1
Easy To Play 4 Note Guitar Solo

Free Video Sample 2
Guitar Solo Licks to
Jimi Hendrix "Voodoo Child"

Free Video Sample 3 - Zakk Wylde Style
"Purple Haze Intro Solo"

Free Video Sample 4
Zakk Wylde Style - Lead Guitar Solo to "Purple Haze"

David Gilmour Style
with a touch of "Van Halen"

David Gilmour Guitar Effects & Sound Tips Video

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