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Guitar Finger Tapping Technique


As shown in the photo above, the concept of guitar tapping, is to Step One * Fret the notes as usual with your frethand. See Free Guitar Video Sample Step Two * Instead of using a guitar pick to play the notes that are fretted, reach your pickhand over the top of the guitar between the body and the neck and use a finger of choice to "tap" a note thats located higher up on the guitar neck. Q: Common question's by guitarist are: "Which finger or fingers should I use to tap with? A: Players like Eddie Van Halen hold the guitar pick as normal between the pickhand thumb and index finger and then use the middle finger to perform the tap technique. Van Halen Fingertapping Technique Others use the index finger for fact that it's easier to coordinate when first learning this technique. Some players use more than one finger or all of their pickhand fingers tapping several notes in combination. Guitar fingertapping techniques are taught on You SKYPE Webcam Guitar Lessons Guitar tapping is also commonly referred to as: guitar fingertap's, guitar finger tap, guitar fingertapping Note: The letter "t" idicates to use your pickhand index (or middle) finger to "tap" the note , to produce the sound of the note , rather than picking it. Symbol "p" indicates the "pull-off" technique and symbol "h" indicates the "hammer-on" technique. Here is a basic beginner exercise. Try fretting the note with your frethand index finger shown on the 2nd fret G string. Once you have have that finger into position, then..... Use the pickhand index finger to tap the note shown on the 14th fret to produce the sound of that note. After you have produced the sound of the note on the 14th fret, then "pull-off" (by lifting your tapping finger) away from the string to produce the sound of the note on the 2nd fret. tap * pull-off e :-------------------------------------------------| B :-------------------------------------------------| G :--14--------2------------------------------------| D :-------------------------------------------------| A :-------------------------------------------------| E :-------------------------------------------------| The way to utilize the tap technique to it's fullest potential is to follow up with with additional guitar techniques, which most commonly is the hammer-on technique which is followed by the pull-off. This exercise is from the You Can Play Guitar method and is found on the Metallica Style lesson. Lick #14 8x each t p h t p h t p h t p h e :-12-8-5----13-8-5---13-9-6----14-10-7------------| B :-------------------------------------------------| G :-------------------------------------------------| D :-------------------------------------------------| A :-------------------------------------------------| E :-------------------------------------------------| Finger Tapping Combinations Different players, favor different techniques which attribute to their playing style and overall sound. For example: While Eddie Van Halen is famous for the guitar tapping combinations of = tap * pull-off * hammer-on Guitarist Randy Rhoads was famous for elaborating that combination, using the combination's as follows... tap * pull-off * tap * pull-off * pull-off * hammer-on The Free Guitar Finger Tapping Lessons lessons provided by You Can Play Guitar were created by Billboard top rated instructor Scott Morris who shared this knowledge for you to learn which were taken from his private taught guitar lessons which he originally created and used for teaching private taught guitar student's. You'll find 15 great lessons below that include lessons on fingertapping major and minor guitar scales, chords and arpeggios, pentatonic scales, blues scales, song fills and lessons focused on players styles like Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads including the finger tapped arpeggio's that Randy used on the song "Flying High Again", all of which are broken down into chord formulas and also lead guitar solo licks from Randy Rhoads Live Guitar Solo.

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