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DVD Guitar Lessons
By Dan Denley & Steve Stine
and Eric Beaty

New! Play Any Song By Ear
by Professor Stine
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6 Minute Guitar By Dan Denley of GuitarZoom.com This web page is all about one of the greatest highly qualified guitar instructors who's taught literally thousands of guitarist from all around the world how to play nearly every style of guitar that you can imagine. His name is Dan Denley. Dan has spent thousands of dollars to obtain his music education earning his music degrees and has sold several different courses over the past - that he has now narrowed down into 1 - HUGE learning package that can make learning easier for you, save you time, money and the frustration of having to struggle to be able to play all the things that you've always wanted to learn how to play. Dan has compiled "All Of His Best Methods" into 1 Giant Learning System that not only teach you how to play anything that you have ever wanted to learn how to play on the guitar... And everyone that I personally know that has tried Dan's 6 Minute Guitar Course (including myself) Find it to be simply amazing because of Dan's incredible amount of guitar knowledge that he teaches using his super easy to learn explanations. In other words... Dan didn't miss a thing and he's covered everything you'll ever need to know to start jamming quickly! As in... "Right Away" without having to spend endless hours of struggling and developing bad habits that are hard to break. Here are a few sample from Dan's "6 Minute Guitar" course. Check out these free video samples that you can even download the free tabs to and the free guitar jam tracks!

Number 1 Guitar Scale Video

The 3 Most Important Guitar Chords

Open Guitar Chord Secrets

Drop D Guitar Video Lesson

Blues Solo Trick Video

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In addition to Dan's "6 Minute Guitar" course, Dan also had the privilege of meeting another very highly qualified guitar instructor who's name is Steve Stine. Steve is known as the "Professor of Modern Guitar" at ND State University. He's played lead guitar in dozens of bands. Toured U.S. and UK extensively. He's been a studio musician (one the most challenging gigs as a guitarist) for radio and TV. Dan teamed up and collaborated with Steve and created a new course called Solofire If you're a total beginner, then this course is not for you. This course is designed for the semi experienced guitarist who wants to excel from his or her current playing level, into becoming the most brilliant lead guitarist that he or she may want to be. Just visit the Solofire Guitar Website to watch the free video and see if this course is for you. Although many of you may already know (while others may not know)... For the serious guitarist, the learning process never stops. If you consider yourself to be a serious guitarist, or wish to become the best guitar player that you can be, then I highly suggest that you get both... Dan Denley's

"6 Minute Guitar"

AND Steve Stine's

Solofire 6 DVD - Lead Guitar Course
Also By Steve Stine
The Modern Professor of Guitar

Also see by Steve Stine
Music Theory Made Easy For Guitar

Also By Steve Stine

Steve Stine's
96 Rock Licks


Kids Rock Guitar Lessons
Teach Kids Rock Guitar

Featured Texas Blues Guitar Instructor
Eric Beaty

Stevie Ray Vaughan Style
Texas Blues Guitar Lessons
by Eric Beaty

It would be safe to say that Eric's guitar instruction method of the "Texas Blues Guitar" style - is very much foused on teaching you the blues guitar style of legendary blues guitarist "Stevie Ray Vaughan". Aside from the great rhythms and lead guitar solo licks taught in Eric's lessons, one of the best features of these lessons are that Eric shows you how to use your exisiting guitar to adjust the "tone" settings that you need to obtain the classic "S.R.V." sound that you'll need to make your guitar obtain the classic and most famous Texas Blues Guitar sound that will give your guitar the sound you need to obtain to sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Sample Lessons

Texas Blues Guitar Shuffle Video

Texas Blues Lead Guitar Video

New! by GuitarZoom.com
Acoustic Guitar In 7 Days
by Chris Argenziano
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All of these lessons offer something different for everyone. They are filmed in extreme quality with close up hand shots that make it easy for you to see and learn each note taught during each lesson and taught using the easiest explanations to make learning what you want to learn how to play on the guitar as easy as possible for you and are taught by 4 of the most recognized professional guitar instructors who have earned the highest degrees in music that they share with you during each lesson. Highly recommended by the You Can Play Guitar Music Staff and by thousands of guitar students from around the world.


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