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Beginner Level Chords

These are basic chords that most players know. You'd be
suprised how many million dollar hit songs have been 
written and composed with just these few basic chords.
Click here! To learn more guitar chords. Major Chords G C D A F E e :-3--------0------2-----------1-----0------------------ B :-0--------1------3----2------1-----0------------------ G :-0--------0------2----2------2-----1------------------ D :-0--------2------0----2------3-----2------------------ A :-2--------3-----------0------------2------------------ E :-3---------------------------------0------------------ Minor Chords G C D A F E e :-3-------8------1----0-------1------0----------------- B :-3-------8------3----1-------1------0----------------- G :-3-------8------2----2-------1------0----------------- D :-5------10------0----2-------3------2----------------- A :---------------------0--------------2----------------- E :------------------------------------0-----------------
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