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If you choose to visit one of the courses we review via our website and make a purchase, we may recieve a commission; however we do not allow this to interfere with our rating and review process. We never accept paid reviews and each product is thoroughly tested by us. All opinions offered here are our own.

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Choosing The Right Method For You

The reviews on this site, were written by a team of professional musician's. These reviews and ratings were given only after each product had been researched and reviewed and tested for quality content, and customer satisfaction and were written and published by the You Can Play Guitar Music Staff along with the assistance of our own personal guitar instructor Scott Morris, who's method has earned a Billboard top rating and review.
If you are in search of learning how to play the guitar and are looking to purchase a home study guitar course but aren't sure which one may be right for you, or may be worried about which internet music site offers safe online shopping with a fast delivery, this article will provide you with all the insight you'll need to know on which site is safe to shop at and what the guitar course's they are selling have to offer. Some courses speak for themselves by their credentials. For example... Who the instructors are and what the course they have may or may not have to offer. This article and review has been created by the You Can Play Guitar Music Staff to provide insight and help and advice for those who want to purchase the best online guitar learning course's available for students who want to learn how to play the guitar. Which guitar course or guitar learning method a beginner guitar student may choose to learn from should be based upon a matter of prefference as to what they see is right for him or her,depending on their current level and desired music style's they wish to learn. Once that decision has been established, it's then a matter of which one to purchase online that offers a fast delivery with a safe shopping guarantee. Instead of mentioning the names of the many online guitar courses that are more less scams for the many reasons that you can read below...upon detailed research and customer satisfaction, this guitar lesson article and review offers only the top rated online home study guitar course's available today. All of the online guitar learning courses that have been reviewed on this page are top rated and highly recommended by You Can Play Guitar. Guitar courses we found that could be considered scams were easy to spot among our team of professionals. Our team carefully reviewed all online offers and products. We discovered that many of the "teach yourself" how to play guitar method's were absolutely outstanding, well written and produced on a very professional level that the total beginner guitar student can easily learn from and comprehend. You can read the brief descriptions of each of the products that received top reviews and go their website's for additional product info and ordering information. Once again - we did not mention the names of not so good online guitar home study course's. Only the top rated methods are reviewed during this article. We found many of the courses available that we "did not mention" to be considered not good offers for the following reasons.

Poor Quality
Some of the products which we reviewed were simply as was stated above. Filmed on do it yourself home video camera's with poor visual and poor sound quality, and there were no titles to any of the sections so it was nearly impossible to tell which part of thier course that they were tyring to teach you that you were suppossed to be learning.
Poor Teaching Method
Just because a professional guitarist can play well, doesn't mean they can teach well. Famous Nashville studio guitarist Brent Mason teaches a guitar course of his own, and on the video we watched, he openly admited to having a difficult time playing what he was teaching at a slow enough pace for others to learn. This was a major problem among the majority of the course's we reviewed. Many of them appeared to be nothing more than a guitar player who was trying to show off by playing you his favorite guitar licks, trying to impress you as a guitar player, more than he was focused on actually teaching you how to play the guitar at a slow even pace that would make it easy for you to learn how to play the guitar.
Here are some F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions) from beginner guitar student's that can help you decide which course is right for you. Q: How do I know if I am choosing a course to learn from that has a good guitar teacher? A: Just because a guitar player can play good, doesn't mean they can teach good. In order to teach others, there has to be slow and easy to learn explanations and demonstrations that make learning the guitar easy at a slow enough pace that's enjoyable that anyone can learn. Those who offer better choices for teaching methods are instructors who have the following criteria...

Age * Experience * Knowledge * and Credentials

This is when the "common sense factor" comes into play when making the descion as to which guitar course is right for you. You simply need to ask yourself..."Would I rather learn how to play the guitar from someone who's young with very little experience in teaching who doesn't seem sure if what they are teaching is even correct"? Or... "Would I rather learn how to play the guitar from someone who's older and has more knowledge to share and teach me throughout my lesson's who's also taught private taught guitar lessons and has the experience of a qualified private guitar teacher who learned the best methods of teaching student's ...who's also played professionally as a guitarist in real bands, having the experience and knowledge of a professional guitarist who is confident in their proven method's of explanation's and who also "knows for sure" what they are playing and teaching is 100% correct? Q:What is the difference between the online guitar courses? A: What it basically boils down to is that there are two types of guitar courses available. The first being those kind of guitar courses that anyone with a guitar and video camera has put together to try to get rich quick on the internet. The second being the kind of guitar course that's taught by a true professional guitarist who has established credit's and accomplishment's as a player and teacher, who offers a well put together and well organized guitar teaching format. Q: How do I know which online guitar course or home study guitar course offers the fastest delivery and a safe online shopping guarantee? A: Simple... We have listed only those sites during this review that offer the fastest delivery and a safe online shopping guarantee and will constantly update reviews, so make sure to check back for exciting new programs and methods and any newly added additional services.

Top Rated Online Guitar Lesson Instructional Methods

Each of the guitar courses we reviewed are taught by professional guitarist who are also professional instructor's. Each one of their method's available are taught using easy to learn explanation's at a slow enough pace that any beginner can learn. And the great thing about the DVD, Video or CD guitar lesson course's have to offer that even have an advantage over in person private taught guitar lessons is that you can always click the "pause" or "rewind" button and review each part of every lesson. Q: How do I know which course is right for me or which one I should choose to learn how to play the guitar? A: We have broken this answer down for you by giving you breif description's or each of the products offered to help you decide which course that you may feel is right for you depending on your current playing level, your goals as a guitarist and the music styles that wish to learn. Once again, you can read more at their website's. Not everyone who wants to learn guitar has the same musical interest or goals. Some just want something quick to learn a few guitar chords and be able to strum a few easy songs. Others may want to learn a how to play a certain music style and many wish to become a professional guitarist. It seems that every instructor's method available offers more than option for you to learn. For example, the You Can Play Guitar lessons offer you a complete guitar course that can teach a very beginner how to start from scratch, to go on to becoming a professional guitarist. But the "Learn & Master" Guitar Course offers you this same option, as does "Elmore Music" as does... as does etc... etc...etc... Most all of the courses offered teach guitar chords, scales and theory. This includes basic guitar chords, barre chords, guitar scales, arpeggios, guitar chord formulas and interval's, scale forumla's (like whole step, whole step, half step....etc...) teaching you the the construction of guitar scales along with additional important knowledge that a guitarist should learn, know and memorize in order to be able to master the guitar as an instrument. Knowing guitar theory is most important. We have provided you with which courses offer the very best of quality instruction on theory and also have provided you with insight on their additional products so that you can choose the guitar learning method that's right for you. All of the guitar courses we've reviewed also offer a safe online shopping experience, and a fast delivery that allows you to learn how to play the guitar in music style's of your choice in the privacy of your own home, using the very best of high quality DVD and CD guitar instructionals available. Each course offered also has testimonials and reviews from the many satisfied customers and offer free lesson samples for you to review. These are the courses that offer the best online guitar teaching method's that have safe online shopping guarantee's, who also have website's that wont spam you. Those courses that received a 5 star rating were based upon quality products that offer the best of instruction, safe online shopping, and offer a polite e-mail subscribers list with absolutely No Spam! that offers from time to time additional advice.

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