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If you're thinking about making music your career,
then things you'll want to know are how to form or 
start a band, what equipment to use, how to 
get gigs and where to find them.

Other very important things include choosing a
studio, record label, promotion and how to
protect your songs.

The list goes on and on.

Basically, just about any musician's can get together and 
play, give themselves a name and become a band.

However to be successful takes much planning and preparation, 
organization, a lot of communication and cooperation working 

There's alot of do's and dont's that you should be aware 
of, if you plan on forming a band of your own or joining a 
pre - established band.

In the earlier days, when the music industry was in the  
such as recording studios, booking agents, and booking gigs, 
that included small local clubs to actual concerts and concert 
promotion's, were all pretty much kept a secret.

Which is why many artist and bands were taken advantage of 
along the way.

Nowadays, there are many resources that are available to you 
to help educate and teach you what you'll need to know.

Having this information you won't be taken advantage of, can 
save time, money and frustration, can concentrate on going in 
the right direction to achieve your music goals and music career. 

The more knowledge that you can obtain, the better.
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