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Bass Guitar Poster - sheet music at Bass Guitar Poster
23 inch. X 35 inch. Poster. Bass. Size 1.25x22
inches. 1 pages. Published by Hal Leonard.
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Free Online Bass Lessons

How To Read Bass Tab
Names Of Bass Guitar Notes

Bass Lesson 1
3 Scale Progression / Riff Building Part 1.  This lesson will teach you 3 Scale Progression, and Riff Building using Pentatonic Minor Scales.

Bass Lesson 2
Riff Building Part 2.  Learn to alternate bass riffs for live stage and studio performance.

Bass Lesson 3
Song Fills.Basic box scale position, alternate positions, ascending and descending runs for bass fills and bass soloing.

Bass Lesson 4
Bass Licks."Electric Funeral" Intro Bass Lick by Black Sabbaths Geezer Butler, Intro Bass Riff to"Crazy Train" by Ozzy, and a bass arpeggios lesson on Cliff Burtons Bass Solo "Anethsia, Pulling Teeth".

Bass Lesson 5
The Gypsy Scale. Compares the difference between the Natural Minor and Harmonic Minor (Gypsy) Scales.  Tips on developing fast fingers and obtaining a classical sound.

Bass Guitar Scales and Modes
This chart will provide you with the most important scales for the most common forms of music.  Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Southern Rock, Country, and more.

Bass Guitar Licks
Learn 5 bass of the most classic rock bass licks.  If you have been looking to improve your bass guitar skills, and play something a bit more than the average steady bass line, this lesson will take you through bass licks from Joe Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult, Chris Squire of Yes, Jason Newsted of Metallica and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.

Bass Guitar Legends
4 new lessons on bass guitar greats Flea * Red Hot Chili Peppers/Mark Hoppus * Blink 182 /Steve Harris * Iron Maiden/Sting * The Police.

Beginner Slap BassGuitar Lesson
Beginner Slap Bass Lesson. Professional bass instructor John Shaugnessy shares tips and advice on beginning slap bass technique.

Slap Bass Guitar Lesson 2
John continues lesson 2 focusing on right hand technique for slap and funk bass technique.

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