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Teach Me Bass Guitar Review
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When I look for something new to learn, 
whether it be wanting to study and learn
a new language, learn how to paint, or
learn how to play a new instrument...

My very first concern is... Who will I
be learning from, who is the teacher, 
and what are his or her credentials?

Is this just another course created by
just anyone who can hold a pen or pencil,
type on a computer, or hold a video camera 
and give you their version of how to learn 
something, while in the meantime leaving out 
more than 3/4 of the most important
information that you'll need to know?


Will I be learning from a trained professional
instructor who DOES have the highest credentials
because what they do is their entire life and career,
and they WILL provide you with ALL of the most
important information that you will need to know
to obtain the maximum amount of knowledge
of what it is that you choose to learn?

Roy Vogt is a trained professional musician
whoes entire life has been devoted to music.

He has played live gigs, played as a professional
studio musician, and has professionally taught
thousands of students from all around the world
how to play the bass guitar.

His bass guitar instruction method stands among
the rest just from the very important and most
helpful features like the "Real-Time Fretboard"
alone. This is one of the most amazing helpful
features I have ever seen offered by any music
instruction method. While you watch and learn
from the Bass DVD Lessons, segments are displayed
of the bass guitar fretboard that actually
light up each note you are learning to play
making it nearly impossible - not to learn.

See Roy Vogt's

Real-Time Fretboard

This feature is absolutely brilliant and makes it easy for the total beginner just getting started and learning his or her first few notes, or for those who continue to learn using Roy's method and learning the more advanced level of bass guitar chords, bass guitar scales, bass guitar arpeggio's, or bass guitar music theory. Roy Vogt's method Teach Me Bass Guitar has earned the highest credentials and awards such as the 1st Place Aegis Award and the 1st Place Telly Award. The key word to Roy's method is the word "Course". Roy's bass guitar learning method isn't just another bass instruction method that teaches you some cool hot bass licks, or bass guitar riffs that are just bits and pieces of different bass guitar songs. Teach Me Bass Guitar is a complete bass guitar learning "course" - that will teach you all that there is to know about learning and playing the bass guitar. Roy's course comes complete with: 10 DVD's Packed with Professional Instruction
Each DVD contains two lessons broken down into sections you can work through at your own pace, mastering each as you go. Sub-menus make it easy to return to the point where you left off, or find topics you wish to review. On Screen Graphics In each of the bass guitar lessons, on-screen graphics illustrate concepts, and present musical scores in both note and TAB forms. TMBG presents you with close-up views of whichever hand is being emphasized as Roy plays, all the better to help you really learn bass guitar! TMBG was over a year in production at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars and was developed to make it, by far, the best series of bass guitar lessons ever created. 20 Lessons 16+ Hours Intensive Instruction 162 Page Earth-Friendly 4-Color .pdf Book 100+ Play-Along Videos with Outstanding Studio Musicians
All Original Music! Extensive Loop Library Membership in Roy's Online Community View All Course Topics
Once again... This isn't just another bass guitar lesson, or "learn cool bass licks DVD lesson". This is a complete learning course developed and devoted to the art of learning bass guitar. As far as being a "course" - This course has more to offer than any other bass guitar course or bass guitar learning method that I have ever seen and I would highly recommend this to any and all bassist's who seriously want to learn the bass guitar as an instrument and learn all there is to know about playing the bass guitar that will teach you all there is to learn and know about music theory for bass guitar, Including; The Names Of The Bass Guitar Notes How To Read Bass Guitar Tablature How To Read Bass Guitar Sheet Music Learn Bass Guitar Chords & Formulas Learn Bass Guitar Scales & Modes... as they're applied to the "Nashville Number System" that are used by all professional bass guitar studio musicians who record in Nashville and recording studios all around the world. Roy teaches you Proper Plucking, Fingering & Thumb Picking Techniques All Professional Bass Guitar Techniques, like: Hammer-On * Pull-Off * Slides & Slap Bass Guitar & more... And the great news is, you can get Roy's Award Winning Bass Guitar Instruction Method that will provide you with a lifetime of bass guitar knowledge, all for less than the price of 3 - 1 hour private taught bass guitar lessons. you also have the option to purchase the entire course in one easy payment with just 1 click!
To learn the information that Roy Vogt teaches in his bass guitar learning method - Teach Me Bass Guitar Would cost you several thousand's of dollars of taking private taught bass guitar lessons. And that's IF... You could even find a private hired bass teacher that knows 1/10 of the knowledge that Roy Vogt knows and IF... you could find a private hired bass teacher who's even willing to share this information with you. Roy's Bass Guitar Learning Method is "hands down" the most complete course and the best bass guitar lessons that will take you in depth into the world of playing the bass guitar. And Roy doesn't miss a thing. If you become a bass guitar student who learns using Roy's Award Winning Bass Guitar Lessons, you will have learned the knowledge and have the ability to play anything you've ever wanted to play on the bass guitar. In fact, once you've completed learning Teach Me Bass Guitar, you'll be able to recognize any bass guitar chord or bass guitar scale, which key you're playing in, how to copy and learn any song by ear, play in a band and play live gigs and performances, become a full time working studio musician or even start a teaching program of your own and teach others how to play the bass guitar. Roy's also a really nice guy and goes out of his way to offer support and continue to share new knowledge, playing tips and tricks and the most important things for all bassist to learn. Aside from his Award Winning Bass Guitar DVD Method, Roy (and the TMG crew) work around the clock and puts forth his 100% + to make his bass guitar forum Thunder Row

Bass Guitar Forum
The best bass guitar forum that offers the very best side tips and information from everything to playing the bass guitar, to great tips and advice on what's the best bass guitar equipment, how to obtain certain tones and sounds, providing you with an ongoing learning experience for all students who are seriously interested in learning all there is to know about playing the bass guitar. This course is absolutely loved by all students of the bass guitar, and I highly recommend Roy Vogt's - Award Winning "Teach Me Bass Guitar" to all bassists at all levels. The amount of information that you'll learn is absolutely amazing and taught using the best features that make learning easier than ever before, and taught at a slow enough pace that any beginner can learn. See Testimonials
Teach Me Bass Guitar also includes all of the most important information that even many professional bassist who are already playing for a living, may have missed along the way, and even comes with a no questions asked 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee Once again... Highly recommended for the serious bass guitar player. Scott Morris - You Can Play Guitar
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Roy Vogt's
Award Winning
Teach Me Bass Guitar

Click on the TOUR TMBG menu button located at the top
of the home page of Teach Me Bass Guitar
To learn more and see all the features offered inside this
Award-Winning Bass Guitar Course that include:

* Free Sample Lesson Videos

* A Real-Time Light Up Fretboard

* 162-page lesson book

* Play Along With Real Studio Musician's

* Animated Sheet Music

* Extensive Loop Library

And many more additional features that you can learn
from by using TMBG DVD's or Lessons you can Instantly
Download and Stream and start learning that every bassist
NEEDS to know and learn about playing the Bass Guitar!


To learn more about all the Individual Lessons
and Lesson Bundles you can choose from.

See Roy Vogt's
Thunder Row Bass Guitar Forum

Join Roy Vogt's Thunder Row Bass Guitar Forum Where bassists from around the world connect, collide, confer, conference, compose, collude, and COMMUNICATE. Share your favorite (or least favorite) players and equipment. Find out what other bass players are up to. Share samples of your work, and check the progress of other TMBG students!

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