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Bass Licks Lesson 2

If you've been looking to learn some new bass licks that 
do more than just hold down a steady bass line, these classic
licks will dramatically improve your frethand skills with
much finger movement. Exercise #1 is showing the main riff
to the Blue Oyster Cult song "Godzilla" played by bassist
Joe Bouchard. Exercise #2 demonstrating the bass guitar 
solo licks. Exercise #3 is showing tab to the "live version"
of "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica bassist Jason
Newsted. Exercise #4 demonstrates the opening bass riff to
the song "Long Distance Runaround" which was composed and 
played by master bassist Chris Squire of the group "Yes".

And last but not least is the intro bass riff to the song
"Good Times Bad Times" created and played by Led Zeppelin
bassist John Paul Jones. 
   Godzilla Exercise #1                 Exercise #2
   Main riff                           Bass Solo
G :-----------------|-----------------|------9-11-11----|
D :-----------------|-----------------|-9-11------------|
A :---2-4-----------|-6-7-------------|-----------------|
E :-2-----4-5-------|-----7-----------|-----------------|

G :-9---------------|-8---9---9---9---|-9---9---9-------|
D :---11-9-11-7-6---|-10--11--11--11--|-10--11--11------|
A :---------------9-|-----------------|-----------------|
E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
                      Exercise #3
                For Whom The Bell Tolls
                        p                  v
G :----19-18-17-16--|----------19-----|-----------------|
D :-----------------|-17-16-----------|-----------------|
A :-----------------|-------17--------|-17-16-----------|
E :-0---------------|-----------------|-----------------|
                     Exercise #4
               Long Distance Runaround
G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
D :-----------------|-----------------|-7-8-10----------|
A :---------8-7-8-7-|-10-9-10-9-------|-----------------|
E :-8-7-8-7---------|-----------------|-----------------|
                     Exercise #5
                 Good Times Bad Times
G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
A :-7-7--7-7--7-7---|-7-7-------------|-7-7-------------|
E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|

G :-------7---7-----|-----------------|-----------------|
D :-----7---7-------|-7-0-4-7---------|-----------------|
A :-0-5-------------|-----------------|-4-5-6-----------|
E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|

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