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Bass Guitar Lesson Product Reviews

The You Can Play Guitar Music Staff asked our instructor Scott Morris to write this atricle and review for an incredible bass guitar learning method that we found called

Bass Guitar Secrets

"If theres one requirement for you to become a good bass player, it's being able to aquire groove and feel. Aside from learning the knowledge of the bass guitar as an instrument itself, in order to be considered among the best, you want to be able to play "effortlessly" - just like you were born to play and it's your first and second nature. Too many bassists and other musician's alike learn or copy artist styles or methods and have no orginality, nor the abilty to play along with anything that's thrown at them, or aksed of them to play. They often play "mechanically" with no originality or feel. If you plan on being a good bass guitar player and may be aiming for a professional level as a stage or studio musician who has a full time carreer making a living playing the bass guitar, the things that are taught in Alex Sampson's... Bass Guitar Secrets, are the elements and key secrets to playing the bass guitar that you will want to know. After writing articles and reviews for many other top rated music websites and many other music lesson products that are available to assist you in learning, I can only say two things. 1) I have never seen any course offered for any instrument that is so complete in detail that teaches a bass guitarist what they "need to know" in such an easy to learn method. Alex's Bass Guitar Secrets method alone is shocking enough. 110% plus top quality instruction unlike any other bass guitar instructor has ever offered before. And the free bonuses... are truely amazing additional tools that Alex Sampson nearly gives to you when you purchase his method. I would not only give this method just a 5 star for it's quality, but will also tell you that if you are truely interested in learning how to play bass guitar, then not purchasing this method especially at this ridiculously low price that cost way less than even one month of private taught bass guitar lessons, could be a huge mistake. If your interested in learning how to play bass guitar and becoming a well rounded musician who can improvise, play by ear, play live gigs and studio recording sessions, then this course is for you. --Instructor - Scott Morris--

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