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The Names Of The Notes For Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar Tablature * Names Of Bass Notes

This is an easy to follow diagram, that will teach you
the names of the notes played on the bass guitar.

The numbers shown on top, indicate where to find
each note.

The name of each note is shown below.

Natural notes

A natural note is a note that contains no sharps(#) or flats(b) The natural notes are A,B,C,D,E,F and G. After the 12th fret, the same notes are repeated as octaves.

Sharps and Flats

Any note sharp or flat may have 2 names.If you move up 1 fret from F, the note is raised in pitch.This makes the note sharp.(#) F#

If you move down from G, the note is lowered in pitch, known as flat.(b) So therefore, the note on the second fret, has 2 names, F# or Gb.There are no sharps or flats between E and F, or B and C. For example:

Large E string
Fret               1     2    3
Names of Notes     F   F# Gb  G

Large E string
0  1   2   3   4    5   6    7 8    9    10     11    12
E  F F# Gb G G# Ab  A  A# Bb B C   C# Db  D   D# Eb   E

A string
0  1   2   3   4    5   6    7 8    9    10     11    12
A A#Bb B   C  C# Db D D#Eb   E  F  F# Gb  G   G# Ab     A

D string
0  1   2   3   4    5   6    7 8    9    10     11    12
D D#Eb E   F F# Gb  G  G# Ab A A#Bb B    C   C# Db    D

G string
0  1   2   3   4    5   6    7 8    9    10     11    12
G G#Ab A A#Bb  B    C  C#Db  D D#Eb E   F    F# Gb    G

How To Read Bass Tabs * Tablature For Bass Guitar

1) Each of the 4 lines as shown below, represent the 4 strings on the bass guitar, starting with the small string G and ending with the large string E.

2) The numbers on the lines, represent the frets to play on those strings.

Tip 1: Playing Good Solid Sounding Notes

To produce good sounding notes, push down firmly on each note that you play so that you have good solid sounding notes.

Tip 2: The 1 Finger Per Fret Rule For Frethand

It's best to try to apply the old fashioned rule of using 1 finger per fret. For example, if you begin playing a scale on the 5th fret, use your index finger (1st finger). If a note is to be played on the 6th fret, use your middle finger (or 2nd finger) to play that note. If you play a note on the 7th fret, use your ring finger (3rd finger) to play that note, and when playing a note on the 8th fret, use your pinky (4th finger)

This example teaches the A Minor Pentatonic Scale

Step 1
In detailed explanation, begin by playing the first note shown which is an A note played on the 5th fret on the large string E

Step 2
Is to play the note C which is played on the 8th fret - E string

Step 3
Is to play the note D which is played on the 5th fret - A string, followed by...

Step 4
Playing the note E, which is played on the 7th fret - A string

Followed by step 5
Which is to play the G note which is played on the 5th fret - D string

And then playing the last note which is also an A note played as an "octave" at the 7th fret D string. An "octave is defined as the same note at a higher pitch

Scale #1 / A Pentatonic Minor Scale

G :------------------------------------------------------
D :--------------------------------5---7-----------------
A :-----------------------5----7-------------------------
E :------------5------8----------------------------------
names of notes:A      C    D   E    G   A

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