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An arpeggio is a chord played in single notes rather than strummed. A major arpeggios is built using the same formual as a major chord. The formula is the 1st, 3rd, and 5th interval, from the major scale. Below well take a look at A major scale, the formula for A major arpeggio and alternate arpeggio shapes. A Major (Chord) A Major Scale Arpeggio Formula e :------------------------------------------------------ B :------------------------------------------------------ G :------------------------------------------------------ D :----------------------4--6--7------------------------- A :-------------4--5--7-----------------------4--7------- E :---------5-7----------------------------5------------- Notes A B C# D E F# G# A A C# E Intervals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 3 5 As mentioned above , there are many different shapes, you can play arpeggios. For example, A Major Arpeggio Formula example #1 e :-----------------5------------------------------------ B :-----------2--5-----5---2----------------------------- G :--------2------------------2-------------------------- D :------2-----------------------2----------------------- A :---4-----------------------------4-------------------- E :-5----------------------------------5----------------- A C# E A C# E A E C# A E C# A My favorite shape for playing Major and Minor Arpeggios, are derived from the barre chord shape, as shown below. A good practice habit is to add the hammer-ons and pull- offs shown. A good method of picking, is to slightly mute the strings , while using all downstrokes from Low E to small e string, and on the descend, using upstrokes on the B, G, D,A, and Large E string(stopping at the 9th fret) Then starting over at the 5th fret as explained above. Try practicing these slowly at first, using this method, until you can gain total control, then try to gain speed.Try this same technique on the minor arpeggios, taught below. h h p e :-------------5-9-5------------------------------------ B :-----------5-------5---------------------------------- G :---------6-----------6-------------------------------- D :-------7---------------7------------------------------ A :-----7-------------------7---------------------------- E :-5-9-----------------------9--5----------------------- SKYPE Webcam Guitar Lessons demonstrates and teaches how Randy Rhoads fingertapped major arpeggios while soloing. Minor Arpeggios A minor arpeggio uses the formula, 1st, flatted 3rd, and 5th intervals as shown below. Compare this to the formula above. My choice here again, is the barre chord shape. A Minor Arpeggio Formula Basic Pattern #1 e :-----------------------------------------5------------ B :---------------------------------------5---5---------- G :----------------------------------2--5-------5-2------ D :--------------------------------2----------------2---- A :------3--------7--------------3--------------------3-- E :--5-------------------------5------------------------5 A C E A C E A C E A E C A E C A 1 b3 5 Barre Chord Shape h h p e :--------------5--8--5--------------------------------- B :------------5----------5------------------------------ G :---------5----------------5--------------------------- D :-------7---------------------7------------------------ A :-----7--------------------------7--------------------- E :-5-8-------------------------------8--5---------------
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