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If you want to learn to play or improve your skill level on the guitar, this video series offers you the right stuff. Seasoned performer, Scott Morris, delivers some of the finer rock, country, and blues guitar stylings available from a video instructor.

Billboard Magazine's 1994 review of Volume One Reports

"Basic guitar lesson includes... all the fundamentals enthusiastic strummers-to-be need to get started. Video instructor... Scott Morris is a patient teacher whose methods effictively encompass explanation and immediate demonstration.

The skills he covers range from the rudimentary... how to tune a guitar and the names of the notes on the neck... to the subsequent steps of how to read tablature, play beginning chords, and play basic scales, including the A pentatonic minor scale.

There's alot of ground covered here, so viewers likely will be doing alot of rewinding as they progress through their lessons."

Billboard Magazine

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