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This website You Can Play Guitar has been offered to you by seasoned veteran musician Scott Morris, professional guitar instructor with 30+ years experience.  This website is dedicated to all guitar players and guitar students of all levels.


Scott began teaching private lessons to students from Ferris State University, in Big Rapids Michigan in 1981.  In 1986, his "Metal Rock" Instructional books were published and sold worldwide.


Scott received a "Top Rating" from Billboard Magazine in 1995 for his quality teaching on the "You Can Play Guitar" Video Guitar Lesson Instructionals which will soon be available for instant download.


Here's what Billboard Magazine had to say about the Scott Morris guitar method...


Billboard Video Review



Aside from teaching music, Scott has performed with many successful top rated artists, has written and produced songs that received radio airplay, and has played a major part in media and television interviews.  He has worked with such professionals as former drummer and co-producer of Ted Nugent, Cliff Davies.


Band History


Phantom Power - Mozarts Ghost - Chatter Box


The Ricker Brothers Band - Shanghai - Morris Code


Studio & Stage Gear


Music Influences

We provide you with all of the elements it takes to be a well rounded guitarist.  Hosting The Best Online Stores to provide you with all of your online shopping needs.  We also have provided you with actual guitar lessons, teaching you scales, modes, chords, and licks.  As well as free guitar tablature to the top requested hit songs.  Make it a point to visit us each day to get the Best in Free Online Guitar Lessons, and feel free to take part in our Forum!  Share your comments, suggestions, and advice, or ask for help from others.

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